The Veterinary Project is incredibly excited to present this bonus episode of the podcast in celebration of the release of co-host Dr. Michael Bugg’s new book: You’re Gonna Get Peed On!: How Veterinarians Can Keep Their Dream Job from Becoming a Nightmare While Working Less and Earning More.

Dr. Michael Bugg, DVM, is a full-time real estate investor and veterinarian with over a decade of clinical experience in veterinary medicine. After graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008, he practiced as a mixed-animal veterinarian before shifting to a small-animal general practice.

Like many of his colleagues, Michael struggled with the unique demands of veterinary clinical practice. Overwhelmed and burned out, he often felt as if his career was spiraling into a nightmare. He struggled to get ahead financially despite the long hours he spent at the clinic. His entire life was impacted by his career stress—so much so that his wife gave him the moniker Miserable Mike. This, along with working amid the early 2000s financial crisis and witnessing once-retired veterinarians picking up shifts, motivated Michael to take back control of his life.

In You’re Gonna Get Peed On!, Michael shares smart solutions for the personal and financial struggles that no one warned you about in vet school. With this guide of practical advice and insights from veterinarians pulled from this very podcast, get ready to take back control from veterinary burnout and realign your life for ultimate joy and financial abundance—both inside and outside of the clinic.

This conversation led by co-host Dr. Jonathan Leicht, takes you behind of the scenes of the creation of the book, as well as going deeper into areas such as:

  • Why Dr. Michael Bugg decided to write a book
  • The how-tos of creating, writing, editing, and publishing Mike’s book
  • “This is a really good book!” – Dr. Jonathan Leicht gives his seal of approval
  • Challenges and tribulations along the way
  • Who this book is for
  • “Miserable Mike”
  • The difference between just-thinking-about-it, to aspiring, to accomplished author: GRIT
  • The teachability index: your willingness to learn and your willingness to accept change
  • Beyond the book – what else is included in You’re Gonna Get Peed On!

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