In this dynamic episode of The Veterinary Project Podcast, hosts Mike Bugg and Jonathan Leicht dig into the intricacies of managing and growing a successful veterinary clinic. This candid discussion is an essential listen for both aspiring owners and veterans alike in the veterinary field looking to make real impact.

In this episode, we examine:

  • The tough decisions essential for business building
  • Maintaining harmony between business needs and team member well-being
  • Mastery over business numbers for strategic growth
  • The challenges and trade-offs encountered in scaling operations
  • The power of community impact and its role in business
  • The importance of strong team dynamics, financial savvy, and technological adaptation in veterinary practices

For those eager to deepen their understanding or even have a transformative conversation about their career path, Jonathan’s offer to talk is not to be missed. Tune in to garner wisdom that could very well shape the future of your veterinary practice.

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