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A community of veterinary professionals inspired to live their best lives.

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Each week, Dr. Michael Bugg, DVM, and Dr. Jonathan Leicht, DVM, host conversations with a broad range of thought leaders, diving into topics like building resiliency and investing in our mental and financial health to creating hybrid veterinary careers or understanding the role technology can play in practices going forward.

We know you deal with gross patient situations daily, so that’s why you won’t find any stories about unblocking a cat on The Veterinary Project! ????

Latest Episodes

Why You Should Care About Veterinary Suppliers

Why You Should Care About Veterinary Suppliers

Dr. Jonathan Leicht puts on his veterinary operator hat for this week's episode covering all things veterinary suppliers! Topics covered include: Have your agreements in place well before you open a new clinic Choosing your supplier "partners" wisely It's all based on...

State of the Economic Union with Isaiah Douglass

State of the Economic Union with Isaiah Douglass

**Disclaimer** The views and opinions expressed in this podcast do not constitute financial advice and are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. What you do with your money is your responsibility and you agree any strategies undertaken are done so...

Life of the Locum with Dr. Casey Gaunt

Life of the Locum with Dr. Casey Gaunt

Dr. Casey Gaunt grew up in Virginia and started working at a horse ranch when he was a teenager. This created an interest in animals in general, which made him want to go to vet school. He went to Virginia Tech for a bachelor’s degree in Animal and Poultry science...

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No matter the kind of veterinary work you do, you’ll find a place here! You’ll hear how others navigate the ups and downs and find their own groove. But most importantly, every conversation will remind you there’s a community of people who understand it all.

Jonathan and Mike have experienced the good, the tough, and the gross (anal glands anyone?). As they worked to build the best lives for themselves and their families, they found others who were eager to do the same. And one thing they heard over and over – “I had no idea anyone else was dealing with this!” And that’s when the idea for The Veterinary Project came to life.

Meet Your Hosts

We’re veterinarians but that’s just one of the many hats we wear. We’re entrepreneurs, speakers, podcasters, lifelong learners, family oriented, and two friends looking to help other veterinary professionals find purpose and create intentional lives in and out of the clinic.

We believe you can design a life you absolutely love, and The Veterinary Project is here to give you inspiration for that journey.