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A community of veterinary professionals who are inspired to live their best lives, in and out of the clinic.

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Each week, Michael Bugg, DVM, and Jonathan Leicht, DVM, host engaging conversations with a broad range of thought leaders to shine light on topics important to veterinarians that DON’T revolve around patient care. Whether it’s diving into how build resiliency and investing in our mental health and wellbeing to creating hybrid veterinary careers or understanding the role telemedicine can play in practices going forward, there are conversations happening here you won’t find anywhere else.

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Welcome to The Veterinary Project, a community built for vets by vets!

No matter your clinical focus or area of interest, you’ll find topics and conversations here that will resonate. Whether you’re interested in professional development outside of earning CE credits or you want to hear how other veterinarians are finding their groove in and out of the clinic, you are welcome in our community!

Being a veterinarian can be challenging, rewarding, and everything in between. It’s up to each of us to find the right balance and build a life that gives us meaning, purpose, and enjoyment. Join the conversation at The Veterinary Project as Drs. Bugg and Leicht share how others are navigating this journey!


Meet Your Hosts

We’re veterinarians but that’s just one of the many hats we wear. We’re entrepreneurs, speakers, podcasters, lifelong learners, family oriented, and two friends looking to help other veterinary professionals find purpose and create intentional lives in and out of the clinic.

If you’ve ever felt crushed or overwhelmed by veterinary clinical practice, know you’re not alone! We started The Veterinary with the vision of building a community of veterinarians sharing their stories and working together to navigate the ups and downs that can come with this career. We believe you can design a life you absolutely love, and The Veterinary Project is here to give you inspiration and tools you can take into practice and life.

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