When you need a pet detective, you call Ace Ventura.

When you need a veterinary lawyer, you call Doug Jack!

Doug Jack is a partner in Canada’s largest law firm, Borden Ladner Gervais – the only national law firm with a team of lawyers under Doug’s leadership dedicated to the law as it relates to the practice of veterinary medicine. He is an Associate member of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and Veterinary Hospital Managers’ Association and a charter and founding member of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association – the only Canadian to have served as its President.

Doug is a sought-after speaker on veterinary legal matters at veterinary conferences worldwide as well as the author of two books and numerous articles on the legal aspects of veterinary practice management. He presents annual lectures on veterinary jurisprudence at Atlantic Veterinary College, Ontario Veterinary College, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (University of Calgary).

He and his wife, Debbie, live near Owen Sound, Ontario with their aging Havanese dog. In his “down time”, Doug enjoys hiking (having successfully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro) and is an avid baseball fan (having completed a tour of every major league ball park).

In this impactful conversation, topics covered include:

  • What Doug’s observing in veterinary medicine that he’s never seen before (legally speaking)
  • Shifting from the vet being in the center of the legal conversation to the consumer centric model
  • The 2 things Vets need to do to protect themselves legally: risk management and medical records
  • Material risk and probable risk
  • The “Human-Animal Bond” and what that means for malpractice lawsuits
  • Keeping proper medical records
  • “If it ain’t written down, it didn’t happen!”
  • Why we’re seeing an increased amount of complaints towards veterinarians
  • The overheated veterinary clinic marketplace and how deals with corporate groups are happening
  • Teaching clinic owners what the sale process looks like (expectations, time, disclosure)
  • What it means to “take a colleague to lunch”
  • Doug’s Impact Round!

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