Welcome to the 1st guest interview of The Veterinary Project Podcast!

And who better to take the inaugural interview honours than the current Saskatchewan Veterinary Medicine Association (SVMA) President and owner at Weir Veterinary Services, Kent Weir.

Kent comes from a long line of veterinarians (he is number 8 of 9 in the family) and was born and raised on the prairies in Lloydminster. He graduated from the W.C.V.M in 2007, then spent 6 months in Uganda through Vets Without Borders working on a goat project, before returning to Saskatchewan to spend 6 years in the world’s most amazing small town of Langenburg, SK.

In 2014, he returned to Lloydminster to practice with his father at the family practice that his Grandfather started in 1952.

As you’ll hear throughout our conversation, Kent thoroughly loves his job as a veterinarian and cannot imagine doing anything else.

Join co-hosts Michael Bugg, DVM and Jonathan Leicht, DVM as the trio covers topics including:

  • What it’s like coming from a family of veterinarians
  • Learning the importance at an early age of how to provide value through your service
  • Connecting working at Canadian Tire with being a veterinarian
  • Why veterinary medicine is a service industry
  • How Kent serves people as both an owner and as a veterinarian
  • How to provide value for your clients (even if you aren’t sure what you’re doing)!
  • Being present
  • Mistakes – everyone makes them, big and small, it’s about the learning curve
  • Why you shouldn’t view vet school as a competition, but as a community for future collaboration
  • Kent Weir’s responses to the Impact Round!
  • Final words of wisdom

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Thank you for listening and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday for another episode of The Veterinary Project Podcast

– Michael Bugg, DVM & Jonathan Leicht, DVM