Back in 2021, we aired Episode 026 on understanding contracts.

Well, a lot has changed in the industry over the past two years, so we’ve put together an update and included answers to the most common questions Dr. Jonathan Leicht has been getting at recent event presentations with new grads, practicing veterinarians, and employers.

Topics covered and questions answered include:

  • Expected salary ranges for new grads
  • What increased salaries mean for production expectations from employers
  • Signing bonuses: red flag or the norm?
  • The power of informal references in your job search
  • Both sides of retention bonuses
  • Where we’re at with non-competes
  • What are “rolling contract terms”
  • Extras in contracts to consider
  • Allowing time for reviewing, due diligence, and negotiations

Want to learn more about Veterinary Employment Contracts? Check out our first episode, Episode 026, where we dive deeper into the subject:

Episode 026 – Understanding Contracts

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