It takes two to tango on the Veterinary Project Podcast! We had Jonny on the hot-seat in our last episode, so now the script has flipped and we’re excited to get to know the other half of the show’s hosting duo: Michael Bugg, DVM

Michael got his start in Veterinary Medicine at a much earlier age than most, stepping into Vet school at the ripe young age of 19 and completing his DVM by 23. Getting into the profession at such a young age may suggest that Michael had his sights set on being a Vet his entire life, but as Mike shares his story it becomes clear that there were many events, experiences, and beliefs working in the background that led him to a number of defining moments – moments that ultimately led him down the path he is currently on today.

Jonathan Leicht, DVM leads the interview with his co-host as we cover topics including:

  • An introduction to Michael Bugg, DVM
  • How an early family event changed Michael’s outlook on academia
  • Moving fast! “I guess I’m going to Vet school!”
  • Michael’s young and unique path to get to Vet school and, looking back now, how to make the most of it
  • The importance of mentorship in the early stages of your career and during Vet school
  • The realization of being DVM at 23. “What the hell have I done? I have to do this for 40 years?”
  • Why Michael felt trapped before even getting started, and why he buried the feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety
  • Michael’s personal finance manifesto…and why it turned out to be NOT true
  • Soul searching backpacking trips in Australia and New Zealand – the spark that led to a curiosity in real estate investing
  • Why Michael chose to invest in real estate over investing in a Veterinary clinic
  • Burn out, depression, overwhelm, and the evolution of “Miserable Mike”
  • Why Michael bottled up his misery for so long before finally, out of desperation, making the change
  • How he made the change – the journey into personal development
  • “If I want to make a change in my life, I can, if I decide to do it”
  • What its like to face the identity crisis of no longer being a practicing Veterinarian
  • Pivoting from Veterinary practice to helping develop wellness in Veterinary professionals
  • What the Veterinary Project Podcast means to Michael Bugg – helping Veterinary professionals improves their lives
  • What’s next for Michael Bugg?
  • The conscious awareness of building a personal lifestyle by design
  • The Rapid Fire Finale!
  • Final words of wisdom

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– Michael Bugg, DVM & Jonathan Leicht, DVM