Traveling a lot with work?

If you’re like Dr. Addie Reinhard, you can relate to the challenges of work-related travel, especially after a couple years of non existent business travel as a result of COVID-19.

Instead of trying to figure it out on her own, Dr. Reinhard put it out to her network to ask for some advice on how to best travel for work, which caught the attention of our co-hosts…so we decided to bring her back to chat on the subject!

Travel tips covered include:

  • Setting intentional time aside for yourself
  • Wake up at the same time you at home
  • Exercise!
  • Never check a suitcase
  • Focus on going deep with networking, not wide
  • If you’re tired, try power naps
  • Follow-up the meaningful conversations with a handwritten card
  • Create time outdoors in nature
  • Staying on top of the work that’s left at home (and noticing what broke!)
  • …and so much more!

About Dr. Addie Reinhard:

A previous guest of the show (episode 086), Dr. Addie Reinhard is the Founder and CEO of MentorVet, an evidence-based mentorship and professional development program for recent veterinary graduates. She is a veterinary wellbeing researcher, and her research focuses on developing and evaluating innovative interventions to support mental health and wellbeing within the veterinary profession.

Dr. Reinhard is on the research team for the third phase of the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Wellbeing Study, a study discussed in detail throughout this episode.

In 2021, Addie completed a master’s degree in Community and Leadership Development and a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning from the University of Kentucky. She also holds a certificate in Veterinary Human Support from the University of Tennessee, and is a certified QPR instructor.

Thank you to Dr. Reinhard for joining us on the show! If you’d like to connect with Addie you can do so in the following places:

[email protected]

IG, LinkedIn: @mentorvet

Facebook: @mentorvet1

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