This week we’re spending time with Dr. Dan Katz.

Dan is a 2016 OVC grad living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Dan splits his time between ER medicine and providing locum support in multiple GP practices.

During his time at OVC, he travelled to eleven countries with the assistance of awards, travel grants and bursaries and was president of Global Vets, OVC branch.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dan starting in emergency medicine without an internship
  • How he paid off his $50,000 student debt in 11 months by living frugally and earning extra money through side hustles
  • Exploring his love of travel
  • How he’s connected that passion to veterinary medicine through spay neuter clinic initiatives and the love of sharing adventure with others

For those of you that are new into your career and need to pay off student debt, or decades in and looking for a new spark – this episode is for you!

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– Michael Bugg, DVM & Jonathan Leicht, DVM