Dr. Kate Baker returns to the show for a second episode! Her original appearance was Episode 058, where she told us that her and the family were packing up the RV and going across the United States for some epic road tripping, so we’ve brought her back to reconnect on life, career, business and her recent travels.

Dr Baker grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and completed her DVM at the University of Tennessee in 2012. She then completed a rotating internship and Clinical Pathology residency and became board certified in 2016.

Dr. Baker currently works as a veterinary educator and diagnostic clinical pathologist. She is the founder of the highly active Facebook group Veterinary Cytology Coffeehouse, offers continuing education resources through her website, Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse, and recently launched a personalized telecytology consultation service, Pocket Pathologist.

She lives on a small farm in Columbia, TN with her husband and two young children, where they have three dogs (two chihuahuas and a cavapoo), a mini-donkey, a pygmy goat, and 30 chickens.

Topics covered in this week’s show include:

  • Travel tales from being on the road with family
  • Having a healthy, heightened awareness of mortality
  • How her and her husband structure work and life to facilitate travel opportunities
  • The development of Pocket Pathologist
  • Changing to digital in the pathology space
  • Creating alternatives for cytology
  • How to create space for yourself, whether you love your job or you want to be an entrepreneur
  • What’s coming up next for plans with the RV!

Thanks Kate for carving out some time to rejoin us on the show! If you’d like to connect with Kate you can find her via her website:


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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM