Welcome to another edition of The Veterinary Project Podcast!

In this episode, Jonny and Mike are sitting down with Anesthesiologist and National Medical Director of Specialty Medicine for VCA Canada, Dr Craig Mosley.

Dr. Mosley graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College where he also completed a residency and Master’s of Science program in veterinary anesthesia. He has been actively involved in many facets of veterinary medicine since graduation including; mixed animal practice, critical care medicine, teaching, management and of course, anesthesia in both private and academic practices throughout North America. Dr. Mosley’s varied experiences have provided him with the foundation for his practical and “real-world” approach to anesthesia and pain management. His wider interests in veterinary medicine include innovations in veterinary medicine, the science of clinical decision-making and medical errors.

In addition to his role as the National Medical Director, Specialty Medicine for VCA Canada, Dr. Mosley works as a part-time Staff Anesthesiologist at VCA Canada, 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital in Newmarket, Ontario.

In his spare time, Dr. Mosley spends time exploring the outdoors with his veterinary anesthesiologist wife and two young daughters.

Topics of this wide-ranging conversation with Craig include:

  • Why career trajectory is about collecting experiences that contribute to who we are today
  • Recognizing veterinary medicine is an amazing “fall-back plan” if you ever want to step out and try something new
  • Why you get more rewards from doing the things that appear to be the scariest or hardest to do at first
  • Mentorship and being okay to ask for help
  • Being willing to share ideas with others
  • An extended discussion with perspectives around the future of veterinary medicine
  • The Impact Round!

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– Michael Bugg, DVM & Jonathan Leicht, DVM