In the finish to 2023, Dr. Mike Bugg and co-host Dr. Jonathan Leicht dive deep into the heart of veterinary entrepreneurship. They unwind the threads of downtime vs. vacation, pondering the merits of unstructured time, and how books like “The Road Less Stupid” and “The Psychology of Money” can reshape your business mindset at this time of new years’ renewal.

Topics covered today include real estate, Bitcoin’s upcoming halving, the nuances of current and future veterinary industry trends; where demands, regional needs, and customer value are ever-evolving. We reflect on our podcast milestones, guest diversity, and our gratitude to you, our listeners. So whether you’re scaling your practice, balancing the books, or just taking a breath this Christmas, join us on this journey to harness challenges into triumphs in both life and business. Stay curious, stay informed, and stay tuned for what’s ahead. Here’s to growth, here’s to resilience, here’s to the future of veterinary entrepreneurship!

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