Yang Shi, Founder and CEO, and Cecilia Baer, Director of Sales at VetSnap join us for a conversation unlike anything we’ve had on the Veterinary Project Podcast…

Being compliant with the controlled drugs and substances we use in veterinary medicine is incredibly important. It’s also something that many clinics find time consuming, and employees find draining.

That’s where VetSnap comes into play – by simplifying the tracking process and making compliance easy.

Prior to VetSnap, Yang headed up technology at National Veterinary Associates. Before that he worked in aerospace, consumer electronics product management, and management consulting. He lives in Northern California with his wife and pup, Penny.

Cecilia has worked in the veterinary industry as a technician for 13 years, then in sales for the last 9 years. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, 3 two-legged kids, and 3 four-legged kids!

Topics covered in this eye-opening conversation include:

  • Yang and Cecilia’s journey to today
  • Why compliance in tracking controlled drugs and substances matters
  • Just how much time and money do poor tracking practices cost?
  • Getting clinic staff with little time to adopt new technologies
  • Having faith in the entrepreneurial journey
  • Yang and Cecilia’s Impact Round!

Thank you to Yang and Cecilia for joining us on the show, sharing their stories, and illuminating us on the benefits of VetSnap.

If you’d like to learn more about VetSnap, check out their website or find them on Facebook!


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