If you’ve ever wanted to hear about a veterinarian that has experienced adversity within her family and career, consciously decided to take charge of her life and is succeeding in 2020 then this is the episode for you!

This week we have a great conversation lined up with Dr. Jennifer Koehl!

Dr. Jennifer Koehl is a 2008 graduate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She practiced small animal medicine outside of Philadelphia as an associate veterinarian for 4 years before beginning a combination of part-time and relief work. In 2017, she began teaching Biology and Human Physiology labs as Adjunct Faculty for Penn State University’s Commonwealth campus. In 2019, Jennifer was offered a full-time faculty appointment, serving as an Instructor of Biology.

In this episode we talk through the progression of her career starting in 2008 at the height of the financial recession, her and her husband making the difficult choice to move away from friends and family, Jen deciding to steer her career in the path that she wanted to as opposed to settling and playing the victim. We finish off with a deep discussion on her side project as the creator and administrator of a Facebook Group called DVMoms: GAIN, a private page for veterinary mothers in government, academic, industry, and non-clinical positions. The page serves as a discussion board as well as a location for non-traditional veterinary job postings.

You’re in for a ride with this episode that is full of jewels, specific takeaways and actions for anyone that may be looking for something different in their veterinary career.

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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM