Long time no see VPP listeners!

Welcome back to the show – we’re so excited to be back on air!

And yes, we know, we said we’d be back in September. We’ve already done our 50 push-ups as punishment.

On with the show though as Dr. Bugg and Dr. Leicht reconnect, get reacquainted, share some personal and professional wins, and dive into the current state of the veterinary profession with its many challenges and many optimism.

Topics covered include:

  • Welcoming the new class of students to Vet Med
  • When you realize that the Veterinary Project Podcast is helping people make big life decisions in joining the profession!
  • Dr. Jonathan Leicht updates on Bridgeland, Mosaic, 60+ hour weeks, and quality time with the family
  • Dr. Michael Bugg updates on the real estate world and a dream opportunity come true
  • Price rediscovery in clinic valuations
  • Why we’re in an “operating environment” and what that means
  • Changing Locum sentiment as a result of wage changes
  • Utilization rates and the rising cost of services
  • Veterinary professionals still need to focus on their mental health

Thanks for joining us for our relaunch and we’ll see you again in two weeks for another episode!

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