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With all the drama, headlines, and uncertain going on in the economy right now, we called on previous guest of the show and Certified Financial Planner™, Certified Exit Planner, and Fee-Only advisor at Vincere Wealth Management, Isaiah Douglass to provide some much needed perspective with a state of the economic union address!

After working at a large national firm for a number of years, Isaiah left and founded a solo financial planning firm in 2018, pursuing a planning approach that was dedicated to identifying ways to grow the net worth of veterinarians. In the summer of 2020, he merged with another financial advisor and became a partner in Vincere Wealth Management.

Isaiah hosts the weekly Veterinarian Success Podcast which interviews and discusses topics related to the clinical, business, financial, and personal lives of veterinarians. He is deeply involved in speaking within veterinary medicine, having talks with students, on podcasts, in video interviews, and as a guest at the Veterinary Financial Summit conference.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What the heck is going on right now in the economy?
  • Interest rates and inflation and how it’s driving things
  • Expectations around inflation and what it means for clinic owners, professionals, and your financial life
  • How purchasing power gets eroded
  • What’s happened to bitcoin? Is it still worth considering? Where’s it going?
  • Staying resilient
  • What not to do right now
  • Final thoughts from Isaiah

Thank you to Isaiah for coming back on the show! If you’d like to connect with Isaiah you can do so online at:

[email protected]


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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM