Dr. Danielle Alleman has been a small animal veterinarian since graduating from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in 2017. She is the owner and creator of Empathos Veterinary Wellness, a platform designed to help support the mental health and wellbeing of the veterinary profession through virtual events, speaking, career coaching, and more.

Dr. Alleman also serves on the WSVMA Wellbeing Committee providing wellbeing resources to members.

As a veterinary student, she was part of the group that created the Student Wellness Initiative, a group that still exists today.

When she is not involved in Vet Med, she enjoys hiking, climbing, skiing – basically any activity that gets her outside in the Pacific NorthWest mountains!

In our conversation with Dr. Alleman we discuss:

  • Lessons learned as a new grad in moving cross-country from East to West
  • Learning to make integrated decisions in regard to career and life
  • Considerations for new grads navigating their first job in vet med
  • Helping people rediscover the feeling they felt when they first wanted to become a vet
  • Transitioning to running Empathos Veterinary Wellness and ushering in The Eudomania Wellness Vet Conference
  • Where is the veterinary wellness conversation going?
  • Dr. Alleman’s Impact Round!

A big thank you to Danielle for joining us on the show! Want to learn more about Empathos Veterinary Wellness and Dr. Alleman? Connect with her in the following places:

IG: @empathos.vet

[email protected]


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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM