Dr. Katie Ford is an experienced small animal vet, having graduated from Liverpool in 2012 and gaining her RCVS Certificate in Internal Medicine in 2017. She became passionate about opening conversations up around imposter syndrome and self-doubt following her own experiences in the veterinary profession, and trained as a certified coach with further study in a number of areas, as well as publishing a series of books.

Katie grew a following of over 18,000 across social media as @katiefordvet, and is an international and keynote speaker, both in the vet profession and beyond. She co-founded Vet Empowered in 2020, offering personal development content and group coaching services, namely to recent graduates.

As her businesses grew, she saw the importance of money mindset and financial independence, not only within her own clients but in making personal progress too. She joined VetYou as a co-director, helping to break down barriers around finances within the profession and to enable access to timely, expert financial advice. She is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Emotional Wellbeing Therapy.

Topics covered include:

  • Katie’s story
  • The impetus of imposter syndrome
  • Are you focused on proving yourself to others?
  • Discrediting the voice in your head
  • Fundamentals of developing self-worth – start with what truly matters to you
  • Taking action in alignment with what matters to you
  • The stages of competence
  • “There” is not an external place, it’s an attitude
  • Katie’s Impact Round!

Big thank you to Katie for joining us on the show! To connect with Katie, you can find her in the following places:

IG: @katiefordvet


FB: Katie Ford Consulting & Coaching

IG: @vetempowered


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