Andrew Rotz is a CFP® Practitioner, Certified College Financial Consultant, and NAPFA member with a lifelong mission to serve his community. In his role as the Director of Personal Finance and Financial Literacy at NCSU’s CVM in Raleigh, North Carolina, Andrew teaches students to plan around many factors including interests, abilities, values, personality, background, market conditions, and circumstances.

In his work with Tide & Tempest Financial Planning, Andrew helps clients and their families know and understand their needs, wishes, wants and the world that influences them to make intentional financial and life decisions. His mission is to enrich, educate, and engage the veterinary community to achieve better financial wellness and peace of mind.

Andrew is co-host of Pawcast: Navigating the Veterinary Profession, a podcast offering advice to the veterinary profession on career development, personal finance and the business of veterinary medicine. Andrew also serves his country as a US Navy Reserve officer and recently returned from a deployment to the Middle East. He is married with two sons, living in Raleigh, NC.

Topics covered in our conversation include:

  • How Andrew got started working with veterinary professionals
  • Financial foundations for students – why money matters
  • Negotiating in today’s hiring landscape
  • Current excitements and fears for employees
  • Is academia keeping up with the pace of industry innovation?
  • The financial challenges of today’s modern DVM – student loan debt repayments, the cost of living, and wages
  • How “The Great Wealth Transfer” may play out in vet med
  • Aspiring clinic owners; should you buy or build?
  • What every vet professional should do with their money
  • Andrew’s Impact Round!

Thank you to Andrew for joining us on the Veterinary Project Podcast!

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