Our listeners have spoken and a Part 2 on the topic of investing is in order!

Dr. Michael Bugg and Dr. Jonathan Leicht return for a requested second discussion to follow-up on last week’s 3 x 5 on the subject of investing.


The views and opinions expressed in this podcast do not constitute financial advice and are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. What you do with your money is your responsibility and you agree any strategies undertaken are done so at your own risk.

After updates from Dr. Leicht on the current state of his newest clinic, our co-hosts dive into investing-focused questions including:

  • What main areas and trends the Doctor’s have invested in
  • Developing multiple verticals: interconnected investment and business activities
  • Assessing the biggest risks ahead and protecting against them
  • How staffing shortages pose a threat to vet med investments
  • Return on time or return on investment?

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