Welcome to the first full-length interview episode of The Veterinary Project Podcast!

In this episode we’re getting to know one-half of the podcast’s hosting duo: Jonathan Leicht, DVM

Jonathan started as a volunteer at a large Calgary veterinary hospital as a 13 year old and 20+ years later became the General Manager of that very same location. Jonathan has had a diverse career to this point filled with an equally unique pallet of life experiences which we explore in this episode.

Graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009, Jonathan has gone on to practice in general and emergency settings, manage key accounts with a pharmaceutical company across the west half of North America and work his way up to the role of Specialty Director of 6 large hospitals with VCA Canada.

And while we very well could have in-depth conversation with Jonathan surrounding veterinary hospital operations, management, and business strategy, this episode is focused on getting to know the man, his story, and his approach towards life.

Co-host Michael Bugg, DVM leads the conversation with Jonathan as we touch on topics including:

  • Introductory background and how Jonathan got started on the path to veterinary medicine
  • Stories of many unique life experiences including joining the military, game ranger responsibilities in South Africa, and moving to Seattle
  • “Framing everything as positive”
  • Jonathan’s drive behind always pushing himself…”I would rather say yes, take a chance and fail, than say no and never have had the opportunity”
  • Overcoming fear of failure by compounding habits and empowering beliefs
  • Being willing to take on any task – the mindset of figuring it out, getting it done, and not waiting for somebody else.
  • The steep learning curve coming out of school and going into practice
  • Why there is always stress involved in achieving any success from his perspective
  • The intent behind The Veterinary Project Podcast
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Insights into running the day-to-day operations of veterinary businesses
  • What’s next for Jonathan Leicht?
  • The Rapid Fire Finale!

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Thank you for listening and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday for another episode of The Veterinary Project Podcast

– Michael Bugg, DVM & Jonathan Leicht, DVM