Trevor Throness is a veteran coach who specializes in working with growing businesses from $2 million to $2 billion in sales. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, organizations, and business families across North America fix people problems, enhance communication, attract top talent and build exceptional cultures.

He is the author of The Power of People Skills and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and New York Post among other major publications.

Trevor and his wife, Jennifer live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In this insightful conversation we cover everything from getting the right people in the right seats, personality profiles, clinic culture, and communication with others. Topics Trevor and us dive into include:

  • Why getting people right is the key element of businesses succeeding
  • Why most issues are people related
  • How to communicate to fix problems
  • Understanding how to work with different personalities through understanding DISC profiles
  • Why people depend on leaders and leadership within a business
  • Assessing people’s attitudes and productivity to get people in the right seats in a business
  • How leaders can approach and deal with problematic, underperforming personnel
  • Working ON your weaknesses versus working IN your weaknesses
  • Creating clinic culture and using that culture to attract top talent in the industry
  • Tactical pieces of advice for improving an existing clinic culture
  • Trevor’s Impact Round!

If you’re looking to find out more about Trevor or are curious what your DISC profile is, head on over to Trevor’s website at:

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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM