Dr. Caleb Frankel is the Founder and CEO of Instinct Science, an organization with a mission of greatly improving modern veterinary team experiences through better technology. Instinct’s practice software platforms power many of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in the industry and are focused on enhancing state-of-the-art veterinary centers by incorporating true workflow improvement, decision support, patient safety tools, and charge capture automation.

An internship-trained ER veterinarian and alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, Caleb also practices emergency medicine at the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, an 80-doctor referral hospital in Greater Philadelphia, PA. He previously served as Director of New Product Development at Brief Media where he led the development of products such as the Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs app.

Caleb blogs on all things technology and workflow in veterinary medicine at pickthebrain.instinct.vet.

In our wide-ranging conversation we cover:

  • Caleb’s journey to the veterinary industry and Instinct Science
  • Stumbling across an internship that combined business training with vet med experience
  • The beginning of Caleb’s technological innovation
  • Solving problems with software
  • The evolution of Instinct Science
  • Raising the capital to get started using the 3 Fs
  • Recruiting the founding team to get Instinct off the ground
  • Entrepreneurship: “it’s an every day thing – obsession required”
  • Handling competition and differentiating yourself in the marketplace
  • Teaching yourself how to be, act, and think like a CEO
  • Caleb’s Impact Round!

Thank you to Caleb for taking the time to join us on the show! For those that want to learn more about Instinct Science or connect with Caleb, best place is online and on LinkedIn:



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