After a spirited preamble on the current state of economic affairs, Dr Michael Bugg leads this conversation with the resident expert, Dr. Jonathan Leich, on all things locum.

Dr. Leicht breaks down what any locum veterinarian, or those aspiring to become one, should know.

Topics covered in this tactical conversation:

  • Know your geography and what the going rates are
  • Negotiating rate of pay and services offered.
  • Being a locum veterinarian is not for new grads (explanation of why)
  • Clarity on your list of exceptions before discussing rate of pay
  • Understanding where the liability lies (on the locum or on the practice)
  • Getting liability insurance
  • Have a contract – know what you’re asking for and be ready to discuss it
  • Employer goals versus locum goals
  • Expectations on when you’ll get paid as a locum

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