Becky Taylor has been dedicated to her career as a Registered Veterinary Technologist for over 25 years. In that time, she has worked in mixed animal practice, in education, and in corporate veterinary medicine. She has participated in hundreds of CE opportunities, sat on national and provincial boards and considers herself a lifelong learner.

A pinnacle of this learning was in 2016, when Becky completed a Master of Arts in Professional Communication through Royal Roads University. Her final project was authoring a paper on the role of RVT’s with clients and resulted in the creation of a communication model for RVT’s.

Becky currently has 3 professional roles. Her full-time gig is the Co-Founder of BS Communication Strategies, where she provides communication coaching to individuals, companies and teams in a practical, skills-based way. She is a Co-Founder in the tele-triage company, AnimalHealth Link and in addition to those roles, she contracts to and supports Mosaic Veterinary Partners in the management and building of their veterinary practice teams. These endeavours fuel her communication nerdiness and her entrepreneurial spirit.

In our wide-ranging conversation with Becky, we cover:

  • Progressing step-by-step to a fulfilling career
  • How to develop grit
  • Reframing failure as an opportunity to grow
  • Increasing your emotional vocabulary to handle challenging scenarios
  • Training emotional intelligence and self-empathy in veterinary professionals
  • Becky’s take on the role, use, and mobilization of Registered Veterinary Technologists in veterinary medicine
  • How do veterinary professionals and clinics start making use of RVTs in their practice
  • The importance of conflict and developing proper, healthy team communication within clinics
  • Becky’s Impact Round

Stay tuned with BS Communication Strategies to learn more about an exciting, 5 day program to Mobilize RVT’s and start solving problems together. Coming this November!

Many thanks to Becky for sharing her passion for communications with us on the show! You can connect with Becky in the following places:

IG: @2commnerds

[email protected]

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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM