Elaine Froese has coached over 1000 families helping decrease their anxiety over the uncertainty of their future. She has authored 5 books, and written a column for 27 years in Grainews, and is seen in Progressive Dairy and Spud Smart magazine.

She’s a Wilson Loree Excellence in Farm Management award winner, who provides practical tools and roadmaps to find fairness in farm transition.

Froese Family Farms near Boissevain in Southwestern Manitoba is her home base, where she farms with her husband, son, and daughter in law. At 66, her succession plan is building a team of 7 coaches to replicate her work.

Faith Today magazine calls her “Canada’s Farm Whisperer.”

CBC radio calls her the “Dr. Phil for farmers. “

Penny, Ruby, and Read call her “Gramma.”

Elaine understands the culture of agriculture and is gifted at helping folks see great outcomes and workable paths for their family farms.

Her mission is to help families find harmony through understanding.

  • Who is Elaine Froese
  • The FAIR model for making transitions
  • Workplace culture, values, and making decision
  • Tools for discussing tough issues
  • Making clear your expectations and getting your needs met
  • How things change (financially) and what the career focus should be in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s
  • All things start with the question, “what do you want?”
  • Mic-drop moments that you’ll want to note
  • Elaine’s Impact Round!

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