Feeling the weight of public opinion? Dr. Marissa admits to imposter syndrome yet stands tall. Personal branding means sticking to your values, despite ‘the noise’.

In this episode, Dr. Marissa opens up about the challenges she’s faced from dealing with criticism to managing a multifaceted career. Her insights into maintaining a work-life balance and how she juggles her roles at Fairlife and her personal brand will leave you inspired to find your own path.

Dr. Marissa Hake is a proud Michigan native, deeply rooted in her educational experiences at Michigan State University, where her journey in veterinary medicine and public health blossomed. Her spirit is evident as she spills her enthusiasm for her alma mater, where she completed her undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary degrees.

After wrapping up her studies in 2015, she traded in the familiar landscapes of Michigan for new horizons in Northwest Ohio, embracing the rich heritage of her husband’s family as multi-generational farmers.

Marissa’s veterinary career began with a focus on the foundational stage of animal husbandry, specializing in calf care during her first five years in practice. Her dedication and expertise in this area have contributed to the wellbeing and growth of countless calves, weaving her own legacy into the fabric of agricultural life.

Marissa is passionate about communicating with consumers about modern agriculture through her personal social media accounts:

@CalfVet_ on Instagram
@CalfVet on Facebook

Her full-time job is working for Fairlife (the milk brand!) as the Director of Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming. Additionally, she has a beef cow herd of British White Cattle. She spends her days balancing being a farmer’s wife, boy mom, Veterinarian, and Beef Producer!

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