Dr. Jenna Donaldson graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2013 and has been working as an equine ambulatory veterinarian ever since.

She has practiced in Alberta, New York and southern Ontario. Today, she is a partner at Rotenberg Veterinary, an equine mobile practice based in Schomberg, ON.

Through her years working at a variety of different practices, Jenna has developed a passion for creating a sustainable work environment for equine veterinarians.

In 2022, she launched Trillium Equine Veterinary Services providing after-hours mobile emergency care to horses in southwestern Ontario.

Trillium Equine’s focus is to improve the quality of life of equine vets, allowing them to stay in practice longer than might have been possible with typical on-call requirements.

In this wide-ranging conversation with Jenna we cover

  • The journey from graduation to working as an associate to becoming a partner
  • The partnership buy-in process
  • Building a great team and why it matters when buying-in to a practice
  • Difference between being an employee and an owner
  • Starting up a “side-hustle” in Trillium Equine to solve a need in the marketplace
  • Jenna’s Impact Round!

Thank you to Jenna for joining us on the show! If you’d like to connect with Jenna, you can find her through Trillium Equine Veterinary Services online in the following places:


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