Dr. Jordan Woodsworth is a general veterinary practitioner and PhD candidate, and part of the Wellness and Preventive Medicine team at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Medical Centre. She is a 2008 graduate of the WCVM and joined the staff of the VMC in 2012 to start the Wellness and Service Learning programs.

Jordan’s diverse professional interests include community engagement and social accountability in the veterinary profession, clinical communications, interprofessional work in the area of animal welfare, and elevating the quality and perception of well care for cats and dogs. Jordan’s work in Northern Saskatchewan is an area of true passion, and she strives to use her role as a veterinary educator to provide opportunities for veterinary learners and practitioners to develop and practice culturally safe approaches to veterinary care.

In our conversation with Dr. Woodsworth, we dive into:

  • The power of peer learning and student mentorship
  • Transitioning her career from general practice to academia and teaching
  • Teaching the importance of creating relationships in veterinary practice
  • The shift towards teaching preventative care and relationship building in veterinary academia
  • Developing core communication skills to communicate effectively with clients to build trust and relationships
  • The 4 core communication skills all veterinary professionals should have
  • Social accountability and how it relates to the veterinary industry
  • Challenging students and their education on indigenous relationships, particularly in Canada
  • Developing awareness that each client, each student, and each professional comes from a different background with different perspectives
  • Providing veterinary services to communities that don’t have access to veterinarians and tying field trips with student learning
  • Diversifying the veterinary profession

Thank you to Dr. Jordan Woodsworth for connecting with us on the show. If you’d like to connect with Dr. Woodsworth you can find her via e-mail to:

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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM