This week we are excited to have another expert join us on the Veterinary Project Podcast: Vicki Pollard.

Vicki Pollard is an Architect and Partner at Animal Arts and brings us a unique conversation discussing her career as both an award winning architect and certified veterinary technician. Vicki and the team at Animal Arts specialize in veterinary hospital design, from small general practices to large specialty and emergency facilities, and her experience provided her the ability to co-author her book, the ” Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design”.

Vicki lives in Colorado with a small menagerie that includes her husband, three children, their dog, a bearded dragon, and two beta fish.

In this wide ranging conversation we discuss :

  • Vicki’s unique career path
  • Following her passion into the veterinary field
  • What architectural design looks like in 2020 within the context of the Covid Pandemic and the changing needs of veterinary spaces
  • This is a fun conversation that will be sure to engage you, make you think about your own career and widen your view on what’s possible.

If you’ve interested in connect with Vicki you can do so through e-mail to: [email protected]

And you can check out Animal Arts online at:

Thank you again to Vicki for taking the time to come on the show!

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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM