Dr. Christine Beck has been in the animal industry for over 20 years, and is a successful business owner in multiple industries.

She is a passionate visionary who just recently launched Waggle Mail, a filler-free subscription box for dogs and their humans that contains vet-curated information and products to support dog’s health and wellbeing, no matter their stage in life. Her vision is to build a community of empowered dog owners taking the best care of their dogs.

Christine is passionate about advocating for the health and wellness of animals, and has creatively blended that with her skills and experience in finance and business.

Topics of discussion in this energetic, entrepreneurial episode include:

• Christine’s career trajectory from vet school to business ownership and entrepreneurship

• Handling a veterinary career while growing a non-vet related business

• Getting aligned on your professional direction

• The genesis of Waggle Mail

• The shift from “pet owners” to “pet parents”

• Communicating effectively from human to human to pet (from vet to pet owner to pat)

• The subscription box business model

• Providing pet health product awareness to pet owners

• Getting pet owner’s to see a vet for the things you should see a vet for

• Identifying bottlenecks to the growth of Waggle Mail

• Navigating setbacks as an entrepreneur

• Dr. Beck’s Impact Round!

Thank you to Dr. Christine Beck for joining us on the show.For clinic partnerships, to sign up for the Waggle Mail newsletter, or to connect directly with Christine, reach out to her in the following places:

[email protected]



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– Jonathan Leicht, DVM and Michael Bugg, DVM