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Insights on Gratitude in Honor of Canadian Thanksgiving

This past weekend in the homeland of co-hosts Dr. Michael Bugg and Dr. Jonathan Leicht it was Thanksgiving weekend, so a Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian listeners out there! With that in mind, it felt appropriate to share some thoughts on the subject of...

The Doctors of Discipline are in the Building!

How do you look at discipline? In this episode, co-hosts Dr. Michael Bugg and Dr. Jonathan Leicht become Doctors of Discipline, sharing their insights on the principle of discipline and how to use it to achieve results in your life. It's certainly not easy, and there...

How to Make Better Decisions

How can we become better decision makers? In this week's episode, Co-Hosts Dr. Michael Bugg and Dr. Jonathan Leicht discuss the skill of decision making. Both personally and professionally, we are required to make decisions in all sorts of situations. This tactical...

Dr. Michael Bugg’s 7 Ball Hockey Lessons for Life!

This ISN'T an episode about ball hockey (sorry if you were hoping it was)! Dr. Michael Bugg reflects on lessons he's learned over the course of a 10 year ball hockey career, which most recently returned a milestone moment with his team's winning the championship at...

Dr. Ashley Bourgeois: The Derm Vet

Dr. Ashley Bourgeois is a board-certified veterinary dermatologist passionate about providing practical knowledge to general practitioners to help itchy pets! She completed her bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University and graduated from the University of Missouri’s...

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